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ONE HEART, ONE SOUL (Acts 4:31-32)

When we’re together all in one place,Lord, as we gather seeking Your face,May we be shaken,And filled with Your Spirit of Love!May we speak boldly Your Word with pow’r,Bringing You glory to the last hour,And those who believe,Lord, may we be...  one heart, one soul!CHORUS:                  Glory to Jesus! (One voice!)         Glory to Jesus! (One mind!)                      Glory to Jesus! (One goal!)         Glory to God!   (One heart, one soul!)When we’re divided, when we’re alone,When we’re devoted to seeking our own,We will be broken,And filled with a spirit of fear!May we speak truly Your Word with love,Warn the unruly of judgment to come,And those who receive,Lord, may we be...   one heart, one soul!

Copyright � 1997 Thomas M. Volker