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||: A E/A D/A D/A E/A A :||E A E D Bm7 E A E A E D F#m7 E A E/A A7susD           A        E       AAsk and you shall re-ceive,D        E         F#m    ESeek and you shall find,D             A             C#7       F#mKnock and the door shall be opened to you,    D          A   E      A (N/C)You welcome to all that's Mine,Chorus: E   A            E       D              All that I have is yours,           Bm7            E       A              So come and ask for more,           A                 E      D              Sweet children of the Lord,           F#m           E       A     E/A   A7sus              All that I have is yours,       D          A        E       ANot to spend it u-pon your flesh,       D        E     F#m      ENor to hoard it all a-way,       D          A                 C#7        F#mIf you want to be blessed, come and take of My best,    D       A   E  A (N/C)And give it all a-way!(chorus)          D            A         E       AYou don't have because you don't ask,       D          E      F#m       EOr you ask with a wicked heart,       D          A             C#7           F#mBut if you want a treasure that lasts you for-ever,D            A/C#  Bm7          Esus - ECome do your part, give Me your heart!Instr.-[A E D   Bm7 E A E A E D   F#m7 E A](chorus)

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