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Amazing God

A               D  E/D                 A    /C#High and Mighty Lord-- awesome is Your name,                D  E/D                     A    /C#High and lifted up--- in righteousness You reign,                  D     E             F#m7Still You came to earth-- humbly as a man,---              E        D     /C#   Bm7To taste the sting of death--                    G      EsusBut then You rose a-gain!---Chorus:  E      A2       /G#     F#m7       A-mazing God-- so full of love,---            E     D        /C#       Bm7        Your Majes-ty--- en-throned a-bove,  Esus   E       A  /C#             D    E  F#m7         I worship You--- with all my heart,                     Bm7                         Esus       To think that You would give Your life for me,         E       D      A       A-mazing God!-----A               D   E/D               A   /C#High and Mighty Lord,-- holy are Your ways,--                  D    E/D                A   /C#Full of grace and truth, deserving all my praise,---                  D     E                    F#m7No one knows Your worth,  there's no higher name,        E       D      /C#  Bm7Let all life on earth---                       G     EsusAnd Heaven's host pro-claim!---

copyright 2003 Thomas M. Volker