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G                      Em       C                  DDon't be afraid of the wicked, and do not envy the proud,    G           D/F#        Em            D            C         DFor they wither quickly and die, like the grass of the ground,---G            G/B           C         A7                        DTrust in the Lord, and sow goodness, righteously dwell in the land,    G          D          C         D          G      Dsus  DAnd feed your-self on the faithful-ness of the Lord!Chorus:    G                      D    C             G         D     /F#  GDe-light yourself in the Lord and He'll ful-fill your heart's de--sires,        G                D                C    Dsus        D   Com-mit your way to the Lord, trusting in Him, and He will do it,   G         D/F#         Em               Bm7             Am7    Dsus DA-gain and a-gain He will bring forth your right-eous-ness as the light,         C       G/B    Am7        D      GAnd your justice as the brightness of the sun!G                         Em         C                     DRest in the Lord and wait patiently, do not surrender your peace,   G               D/F#     Em         D            C         DAl-though it seems evil men prosper in their wicked schemes,G               G/B            C      A7                      DCease from your wrath, forsake anger, don't be afraid in your heart,    G         D            C            D          G      Dsus  DFor those who wait for the Lord will in-herit the land!(Chorus)bridge:Em        D      G    /B      C           G     DYet, in a little while,   the wicked will be no more,G             D/F#       Em            D            C        Bm7 You will look carefully, search every-where, but he won't be found,Em      D/F#        G     /B      C            G         DBut the humble will stand,    and they will in-herit the land,    C            D            G        C            D  /C#  /B  /A        And they will de-light in the generous gifts of the Lord!

Copyright � 1995 Thomas M. Volker