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We don't need to search abroad to find the presence of the Lord,
For He will come to us just the same when gathered in His name,
If we will only honor Him, keep His Word and forsake our sin,
Seek His glory and enter in, then He will come to us,
He will come to us,

    I believe that we shall see the glory of our God,
    Shining down in majesty to bind up broken hearts,
    I believe that we can know the favor of our King,
    Smiling down upon His own,
    Even as we sing praises to our King!
    Even as we sing praises to our King!

We don't need to be afraid to fully give ourselves away,
For He has given us everything we need to live for Him,
If we will wait upon His grace, worship Him and seek His face,
He will enter into this place and give His gifts away,
Give His gifts away,

Copyright � 2002 Thomas M. Volker