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Chorus: C     C/G         C     C/G          Evo-lution is a fairy tale!        C     C/G         C     C/G          Evo-lution is a fairy tale!        F     C/E         Dm    G        C          C/G    C   C/G [G7]          Evo-lution is a fairy tale for grown-ups!          (repeat as desired)G7              C               C/G                  C         C/GWell, since the days of Charley Darwin, they've been trying to find          C            C/G           C       C/GAn explan-ation of cre-ation for the atheist mind,    F                F/C         F          F/CAnd all the while ig-noring this one, plain fact:     G                  G7        CThat dogs make dogs and cats make cats!   (chorus)G7           C               C/G         C  C/GWell, take a look at all the data in our D N A,             C           C/G       C             C/GNow did that accidentily happen? I tell you, "No way!'   F              F/C           F        F/CAn intelligent de-signer with a grand de-sign        G                    G7     CMade it wonderful, organized...  di-vine!     (chorus)bridge #1:  F          C/E            Dm    F/C            When I was young I didn't under-stand,                      G          G/B            C      C/E            There was no "Easter Bunny" or the "Boogie Man",            F            C/E         Dm            F/C            Now that I'm older, they want me to be-lieve            G                   G7    /F  /E   /D  C            Grampa was a monkey swing-ing from  a  tree?!(chorus)G7           C         C/G             C          C/GWell, it's a theory in crisis and it's wanting to die,          C          C/G           C             C/GBut their only other choice is the throne in the sky,   F            F/C            F        F/CUn-less they be-lieve a theory twice as lame,         G                      G7     C"We were put down here when the aliens came"!   (chorus)bridge #2:   F        C/E     Dm    F/C            "I am the captain of my ship,             G        G/B    Csus   C/E             I am the master of my [fate]"  [Ref. Henley's 'Invictus']                  F          C/E          Dm  F/C             Well if you per-sist in this ego trip,                      G                         Dm7/G             You will miss the boat and it will be too late!

Copyright � 2005 Thomas M. Volker