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        GIVE ME WINGS (based on Psalm 55:6-8)

Give me wings that I may fly
Like a dove to the sky!
I will fly and be at rest.
Far away from the storms of life
To my refuge I will fly!
I will fly and be at rest, and be at rest.

     In the arms of my Father
     I will lay all my burdens down,
     For I know He will keep me safe and sound.
     In the arms of my Father
     I will cast all my care upon Him!
     For I know He won't let me fall to the ground.

Give me faith that I may trust
My Creator from dust to dust.
I will trust and be at peace.
Give me hope that I may smile
At the future like a child.
I will smile and be at peace, and be at peace.

Copyright � 2000 Thomas M. Volker