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   D  A  D         G         DWe ce-le-brate the price You paid   D     /F#      A      Asus-ATo li-be-rate the Earth  D  A   D       G       D/F#A sa-cri-fice of love so great  Em7    Asus - A    D     G-D  (/C# /B)O God of match-less worth!Chorus: A      G      Bm   A  G      D/F#  Em7    ||: God of Glory, Lord of Heaven and  Earth!        A    Bm - A - G   Em7    Asus - A       D - G-D        We a-dore--  You, God of match----less worth!  :||   D     A  D         G         DWe join the throng of righteous saints    D         /F#     A     Asus-AYou purchased by Your blood    D     A  D       G         D/F#And raise a song of praise and thanks  Em7    Asus - A    D     G-D  (/C# /B)O God of end---less love!(chorus)   D   A  D       G        DWe mag-ni-fy Your healing pow'r    D       /F#     A     Asus-ARe-leased u-pon the cross   D    A   D         G    D/F#Re-new our lives this very hour  Em7    Asus - A    D     G-D  (/C# /B)O God of Pen----te---cost!(chorus)chorus ending:       G      Asus - A      Bm7      A ||:   God of match----less worth!--- :||   G      Asus-A     D  A D   G  D  Em7  Asus A   D G D    God of match-less worth!

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