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Don't be afraid, don't be dismayed, for I've not forsaken you,
You are My child, you are My treasure, and I am not done with you,
All of the jewels I've hidden inside, they must come forth to shine!
If you believe, then you will see the Father glorified!

  Rise up and walk with Me, hold your head high!    
  Lift up your hands to Me, up to the sky!     
  Look to the left, look to the right, and see all the works I have done!     
  I will prevail, for love never fails, and I am the God of Love!

When you're alone, when you're in pain, that's when I'm near to you,
I am your Shield, I am your Shelter, and I will take care of you,
All of the trials you're going through now, you will come forth as gold!
If you believe, you will receive the promise I foretold!

Copyright © 2001 Thomas M. Volker