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        HOLY-HIS (Crucified with Christ)

Well, if I’ve been crucified with Christ,
Then why do I still run my life?
When I thought I gave it all to Him,
But I guess I took some back again,
So I’ve made this one my foremost goal,
To give to Jesus full control,
He’ll take my life and make me holy- His!

Well, if I’ve been crucified to sin,
Then who’s that “old man” ‘ lives within?
Hasn’t he been slain? Nailed to that tree?
Seems he still remains to battle me,
But, in truth, he’s my defeated foe,
He died with Jesus long ago,
Then Christ arose to make me holy- His!

bridge:   As a victim of my circumstance,
             I don’t give myself half a chance,
             And I use that same old song and dance,
             That it’s "just the way I am.”

But if I’ve been crucified with Christ,
Then I need no other sacrifice,
For no condemnation, guilt or sin,
Can match the price God’s paid in Him,
And with His promised Spirit in my soul,
Abides the power to make me wholly set apart,
And make me holy- His!

Copyright � 1981 Thomas M. Volker