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How I celebrate my Savior, God in Heaven up above,
Faithful is Your heart to gather up Your Church in love,
How I celebrate Messiah, Jesus Christ, my coming King!
Lord, I live to lift You higher, ever, as I sing,
Worshipping my King!

    Singing, "holy", singing, "holy",
    Singing, "holy is the Lord my God!"
    I give glory, I give glory,
    I give glory to the Lord on high!

How I celebrate You, Father, sending down Your only Son!
Bringing life to us forever, oh, what awesome love!
How I celebrate You, Spirit, Holy Comforter and Guide,
I rejoice to know that You are dwelling here inside,
To lift up Jesus Christ!

    ||: How I celebrate my God! (echo) :||
    ||: How I celebrate my You, Jesus! (echo) :||
    ||: How I celebrate my King! (echo) :||

Copyright � 2003 Thomas M. Volker