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        Jesus, You Are My Treasure

Jesus, You taught us a lesson of worth,
"Don't store your treasure down here on the earth,
Where moth, rust and thieves come to steal and destroy it all,"
But keep your treasure in heaven above,
Where the true riches are faith, hope, and love,
"For where your treasure is, there is your heart!"

   Jesus, You are my treasure,
   You have captured my heart,
   And it brings me such pleasure,
   To set You apart,
   On a high place of honor,
   Where Your glory shines through,
   Lord, You are my treasure,
   And my heart belongs to You!

What will a man take in trade for his soul?
Even a world full of silver and gold?
But for Your presence, Lord, I'd give it all away,
That day is coming when all men shall stand
Naked before You with nothing in hand,
But if I know You, Lord, I'll have it all!

copyright 1994 Thomas M. Volker