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It grows inside my heart, I can't resist the call,
To lift up praises to the Lord of all,
I'm overcome by love, I have to let it out,
The very rocks will cry if I don't shout,
If I don't shout it...

       "Jesus is Lord of all, Jesus is King!"
       "Jesus is Lord of all", Heaven bows low to sing!
       Let the whole world give Him glory,
       Let the Church lead the call,
       "Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord,
       For Jesus is Lord of all !"

I open up my heart to let Your Spirit in,
'Cause He's my only hope if I'm to win,
I'm overcome by joy, as You repair my soul,
That I may stand up tall and let them know,
And let them know that...


bridge:   ||: May Your mercy fill this place
              And spill out to the nations!
              May Your glory flood the earth,
              And bring a great salvation!   :||

Copyright � 2002 Thomas M. Volker