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Esus E   D  A/C# Bm7  E7sus  E   ||: A2  D2  :||

        A2             Esus     E
King of Grace, King of Glory,
F#m                E           D2
Lord, Your name is holy, holy, holy!
      A2             Esus     E
Lofty name above all names,
F#m            E           D2
Jesus, You are holy, holy, holy!
E          F#m           D           A
Son of the Highest, Holy God of Isra-el,
  E             F#m     E    D2
I celebrate and worship only You!

Chorus:  (D2)    A2             Esus     E
         King of Grace, King of Glory!
         D              A/C#            Bm7
         In Your face I find my fill of mercy!
    Esus E       A2             Esus     E
         King of Grace, King of Glory!
           D  A/C# Bm7   A/C# D  A/C# Bm7   [Bm7/E]
         I bow my  knee-- be-fore my  King, [to repeat]
   E7sus E       A2
         King of Grace!

         A2            Esus     E
You're a stream in the desert,
F#m                  E                   D2
You're the Rock that shields me from the weather!
       A2            Esus     E
Day by day, Your new mercies
F#m                 E              D2
Fill my heart with longing just to serve Thee!
E            F#m              D            A
Light of the nations, and the Promise of a hope
     E          F#m    E        D2
That every gene-ration needs to know!

Copyright � 2003 Trish Mendoza/Thomas Volker