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        NOW'S THE TIME

If you've ever had the thought,
That you would serve the Lord, your God,
With all your strength and might,

If you've ever had the whim,
That you would live your life for Him,
With all your heart and mind,
Now's the time!

           Now's the time--- to take a stand--- and bring revival to the land!
           Now the time-- to hit your knees-- and battle for the least of these!
           Come make up your mind,-- we are running out of time!
           Now's the time to serve the living God!

If you've never made the choice,
That you would be a healing voice
Unto a dying world,
If you've never had the chance,
To ask another to the dance,
Well, this one is divine!
Now's the time!

           Now's the time (Now's the time) to leave your past be-hind you,
           Now's the time (Now's the time) to put away your fears,
           Now's the time (Now's the time) don't let your failures blind you,
           For they serve to re-mind you, that is why we're here!

(KEY CHANGE to E; Verse 2, Chorus, & End)

Copyright � 1997 Thomas M. Volker