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It's so easy to end up lost,
To forget how to count the cost,
And to wander away from the Master's orders,
It's much better that you be found
Helping spread the good news around,
For the Father to find faithful sons and daughters,

     Put your hand in my hand,
     We can reach the whole land,
     We must take the gospel to a dying world,
     Put your hand in God's hand,
     Put your trust in His plan,
     We must take the gospel to a dying world!

It's so hard to be misunderstood,
When you're trying to do something good,
And you're dying to show men the way to heaven,
Still we better not just give up,
Or the sinner is out of luck,
'Cause it's us He has called to go out and get them,


It's so good when we simply obey,
When were giving our living away,
When we find ourselves doing the Father's pleasure,
You'll feel better in just a while,
Serving God helps your heart to smile,
And you'll find it will bring you a lasting treasure,

Copyright � 1996 Thomas M. Volker