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Songwriter Unto the Lord

If you ask who I am, I can tell you my name,
But the heart of the question would then still remain,
If you ask what I'm here for, I'm here for the Lord,
And I'm living to lift up His wonderful Word!
Chorus: For I am a songwriter unto the Lord, And the lyrics I write are the lines of His Word, They can bring men to life and help hearts be restored, For I am a songwriter unto the Lord!

Some men are kings, some are jacks of all trades, But I am a warrior writing my way
Through a battlefield full of the fallen and slain,
And the sword that I wield is His Word and His name!
You can say that it's pride, you can blame it on youth, But I am not boasting, I'm speaking the truth,
For we all have a calling that we must pursue,
And I pray that you hear the Lord calling to you!

Copyright © 1994 Thomas M. Volker