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May your future be filled with His vision,
May your present be filled with His joy,
May the sorrows of your past
Turn to golden fruit that lasts,
And may you hear the Father say...
Well done, well done, My good and faithful friend!
Well done, well done, My servant to the end!
Enter in the joy of your Master!
Leave behind the toil and pain!
Well done, well done, My good and faithful friend!
May your children see His wisdom in your counsel,
May your neighbors see His mercy in your deeds,
May the people that you lead
Lift their voice to intercede,
That many may stand with you on that day!
May the Father fill your heart with His passion!
May the Spirit fill your hands with His power!
May the Savior heal it all,
And help you to stand tall,
To never be shaken again!

Copyright © 2007 Thomas M. Volker