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YOU REMIND ME (A Memorial Day Song)

"No greater love has any man, than he
Lay down his life for his friends."
No better gift can one man give,
Than to sacrifice it all in the end!

          And you remind me of Someone,
          The One who gave it all for me,
          Yes, you remind me of Jesus,
          Who died to make us free!
          He died to make us free!

No sweeter joy can one heart find, than to
Give instead of receive,
No higher honor can one man gain,
Than to give his life for what he believes!

          Like you, He fought the good fight,
          And put the enemy to flight,
          And paid a great price for our liberty!
          You had the courage to stand,
          And put your life in God's hand,
          To help the nations be free!

Copyright © 2009 Thomas M. Volker