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BECAUSE OF YOU (A Mother's Day Song)

||: F2   C/F    Bb/F          :||F             C/F         Bb/F  "No greater love--- has any man,- than he-F              C/F          Bb/F              Bb/C  Lay down his life for his friends."-------------F           C/F         Bb             G7  No better gift--- can one-- man--   give,----        Gm7          F/A          C7sus  -  C7Than to sacrifice it all-- in the end!--------Chorus: Bb            F/A          C   /E     F  /A          And you re-mind me-- of Some---one,----       Bb             F/A             Csus  -  C          The One who gave it all for me,---------       Bb             F2         Asus  A/C# Dm  /C          Yes, you re-mind me of Je---------sus,----              Bb2         C2         Dm    /C          Who died-- to-- make us-- free!-----             Bb2         Csus    C7 ||: F2    C/F      Bb/F          :||          He died-- to-- make us---  free!-----F            C/F        Bb/F  No sweeter joy--- can one heart find,-- than to-F            C/F         Bb/F              Bb/C     Give in-stead of re-ceive,----------------F           C/F           Bb            G7  No higher ho--nor-- can one-- man--  gain,---        Gm7               F/A       C7sus   -    C7Than to give his life for what-- he believes!------bridge: Db                              Eb          Like you, He fought the good fight,                               Fm          And put the enemy to flight,                     /Eb                 Bb2          And paid a great price for our liberty!--------       Db                         Eb          You had the courage to stand,                                     Fm          And put your life in God's hand,                      /Eb        Csus    -   C          To help the nations be free!--------

Copyright © 2009 Thomas M. Volker