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BECAUSE OF YOU (A Mother's Day Song)

From the time that I could talk, I remember your sweet face,
And it seemed to me that you were always there,
Like the God I've never seen, you were watching over me,
And you helped me know I didn't have to fear,

           So I rise up and I will bless you,
           And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
           Because of you, I know that there's a God above,
           And I know that He must be Love!

From the day I started school, and you held my little hand,
And you taught me all the wonders of this place,
Like the God Whose voice I seek, you were praying over me,
And you opened up the windows of His grace!


     And just today, when I awoke, I thought of you,
     I said a prayer that He would touch your heart,
     Because I realized, how He used you in my life!
     For truly, mom, you are a gift from God!

Copyright © 2008 Thomas M. Volker