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INTRO:  C   C7   F/A   Fm/Ab    C/G   D7    G7    C7C                            FBy the banks of Babylon they hung their harps up high,         C                     D7                  G7Then the children of Jerusalem hung their heads to cry,     C                    C7                         F             D7They could not sing their songs to God, 'cause there was no joy in-side,    G             F#   F               F#But then the Lord   re-membered them,   G                 F#      F                F#He broke their cords and for-gave their sin,    G            G7         C    A7        Dm7         G7      C  [N/C]And brought them back to Je-rusa-lem to re-build their broken lives!Chorus: G7  C            Get your harp down from the willow tree,                 F                 F#dim            Come on and praise His name with me,                      C      A7     D    D7             You're no longer in cap-tivi-ty,               F7       F#dim G    G7   C   [N/C - bass only]            So get your harp  down with me!C                             FBy the power of sin and death Satan held us bound,    C                             D7             G7And to our one last dying breath, fear was all a-round,   C                  C7                    F                D7We could not give our lives to God, 'cause life could not be found,    G              F#    F               F#But then the Lord     re-membered men,   G               F#      F              F#He broke our cords and for-gave our sin,G       G7         C    A7        Dm7     G7      C  [N/C]When He died at Je-rusa-lem to re-new our broken lives!Bridge:      F7                         C7         Now put away that sorry face I see,             F7                                                     God gave our hearts a brand new start,            D7                      G7         So get down your harp with me!

Copyright � 1994 Thomas M. Volker