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The purpose of this website is to share "the gift of music" which God has placed in me. This includes dozens of praise and worship songs, as well as many other songs with consolation, encouragement and exhortation as their goals. This is my contribution towards those "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" that the Bible book of Colossians, chapter 3, verse 16 exhorts us to share with one another.
   So have a look around, check out some original lyrics and listen to some praise and worship songs and ministry tunes you've never heard before. And check back often because I will be adding songs on a weekly or monthly basis as time permits.

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Use the Menus (top, left or bottom) to visit the various pages of the site. ABOUT tells a little about the author of the praise and worship songs and my motivation for sharing this gift of music. The MUSIC page is the threshold to the online MP3 praise and worship music files. (Note: Click your mouse on the "musical dove" graphic on the left side of most pages to jump to the music page.) The LYRICS page has links to all the praise and worship song lyrics and chord sheets which makes it easier for you to participate in this "gift of music." The LINKS page contains links to websites I have found useful and informative. Finally, the FAQs page answers some questions you may have about the things on this site.

May you be inspired by- "the gift of music." Enjoy!